How to Recover Wi-Fi Password _windows7/8/10

How to Recover Wi-Fi Password _windows7/8/10
if you forgot your wifi password then no need to worry or reset your router. now you can recover your wifi password very easily and you can also use this trick to
know someone’s password by using his/her Pc using command prompt. command prompt is a windows software which comes inbuilt with any of windows systems
you buy.


1. go to search and type command prompt and command prompt shall appear,open it.

2. type ‘netsh wlan show profiles’ and press enter , after typing this command all the wifi networks to which you have been connected ever before will appear.


3. the name of the network of which you are trying to recover the password should also appear.lets say the name of the network is ‘netgear56’.

4.then type ‘netsh wlan show profiles name=netgear56 key=clear and hit can use any network name according to your wish. all the details of the network will appear.your password is right there you just have to look for it under the subtitle’security settings’.


thank you!

this trick is only for learning use. don’t use it for bad purpose or you will be responsible for it.

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