How To Make An Electric Toothbrush yourself-Easyway!

How To Make An Electric Toothbrush yourself-Easyway!

nowadays dental hygiene is a very important issue. and dental things are very costly. people buy expensive electric toothbrushes but now spend no more
cause today I’m gonna show you how to make an electric toothbrush yourself at home.

#concept – the concept is that a very small electric motor vibrates the toothbrush .

#things required-
1. An old simple toothbrush.

2.A very small vibratory electric motor(those used in cell phone).you can get these motors in your nearby cell phone repair shop.

3. A glue(superglue preferred like feviquick)

4. An AA battery or pencil cell

5.A small switch

1.glue the motor with the toothbrush’ neck i.e just below the back of brushes.
2.glue the battery on the back of the grip of the toothbrush
3. take the small switch and join it’s one end to the +ve end of AA battery or pencil celll.
4.join the other end of the switch to the the motor.
5. join the other wire of motor to the -ve of the battery or pencil cell.
6.your selfmade electric toothbrush is complete.feel free to use it.

thank you!

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